Zoetically Me Poetry

We offer a diverse One Stop Catering Writing Service with an expertise in writing poetry and other creative writing.

Our services caters to those who prefer the purity of saying words from the heart, through moments big and small and through both happy and challenging times in their words through poetry.

Dare to do something different!
SAY IT, How You'd Like It!

Our writings are: 
Personal, spiritual, symbolic, and historical 
Seductive, intrusive, erotic, and elusive
Pensive, effusive, jovial, and aggressive
Simple, romantic, humorous, and dramatic
Theosophical, methodical, metaphorical, and diabolical
Hieroglyphics, scientific, optimistic, and artistic
Motivational, educational, illustrational, and inspirational©

We take your everyday words and turn them into beautiful heart-felt poetry.

Do you have a special Occasion or Event coming up?

Do you have a situation that needs addressing before it erupts?

Poem typed or hand written on stationary paper (Request a quote)

"We write personalize poetry on any topic especially the ones you make up."

We work very hard to transform your feelings into poetry with the words you want to say, making it an indispensable gift. Give a gift that keeps on giving.

*Every poem we write our clients is original and never duplicated*
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Simply call or email us with your occasion, event, or situation. In so many words tell us what you would like to say. Pick a title for your poem. Pick a layout and font you would like to use by visiting our Photo Gallery. Within 24 hours one of our writing caterers will contact you.
If you would like your poetry placed on a product, you will receive a PDF sample of the product.

All poetry comes on a single layout. Sample Fonts and decorative, exotic, and silhouette layouts are located in (Photo Gallery)To find out more ways to have your poem displayed and to find out more about our custom products click here.

Let's face it; we live in a world where Occasions, Events, and Situations happens daily.
Certain situations occur in our life that put us in our happy place and then there are other situations that occur that put us in our not so happy place. To grab something impersonal for the moment, such as a greeting card can do the trick, however what happens when you need something a little more personal and perhaps something deeper and meaningful. 

Greeting cards can speak around what you want to say, or maybe even hit it almost head on, but wouldn't it be nice to say it your way, in your words poetically or as is. Try something new; we have a poem waiting just for you.

Our Personalized Service is designed exclusively for those who prefer using their own words and want total control over how their words are conveyed and or product is displayed. Even if you're getting ready to pop the everlasting 'Big Question' WILL YOU MARRY ME? We can help put together an unforgettable moment that will last a lifetime. We also write poetry for sad situations, intense, liberal, justice, spiritual and of course for love. We look forward to working with you to create the best poetry ever! Give us a call today and let us personalize poetry your way.

Get an up close and more personal view of our poetry and see what our clients and other people are saying about our poetry by visiting us on Facebook. There you will find many sample poems being viewed and critiqued by people world wide. You can also find us on Sound cloud, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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Dare To Do Something Different!
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