Zoetically Me Poetry

All poems caters to different walks of life, listener discretion is advised. 

Poems are always updated new poems added older poems deleted. If there's a poem you no longer see and would like a free copy send us an email.

Our Poems are:

Personal Spiritual Symbolic and Historical
Seductive Intrusive Erotic and Elusive
Pensive Effusive Jovial and Aggressive
Simple Romantic Humorous and Dramatic
Theosophical Methodical Metaphorical and Diabolical
Hieroglyphic Scientific Optimistic and Artistic
Motivational Educational illustrational and Inspirational ©

No Vacancy:

No Vacancy Written by Queen Voice

Excuse Me, I  Am Standing In My Way:


Eye Stand Alone:

ZMP Eye Stand Alone Written By Queen Voice

I Found Love
(Symbolically, Let Go)

ZMP I Found Love (Original) Queen Voice




Imma Written by Queen Voice

What's Love Got To Do With It, Anyway?

What's Love Got To Do With It, Anyway Written by Queen Voice


Let us help you write your wedding vows poetically. 

We write your words exactly the way you want to say them, and turn them into poetry. Let us help you make your wedding day, the best day ever... We have many romantic ideas from Popping the big question to simply saying I love you. 

Wedding Vow Written by Queen Voice

As I Live:

As I Live Written by Queen Voice

Love Can Be A Funny Thing:


Prisoner of Love:

Prisoner of Love Written by Queen Voice

Television (Tell Lies & Visions)

Television (Tell Lies & Visions) Written by Queen Voice
Imagine (A Man's Worth) Written by Queen Voice

The Paintbrush:

The Paintbrush Written by Queen Voice


Nature Written By Queen Voice

Name Brand:

Name Brand Written by Queen Voice