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Catch-up time.

So, what have we been up to lately? We ended last year in 2022 announcing that this year we are focusing more on our sister company "Soul Different Organic Products" which we introduced on ZMP Facebook back in August 2022. Getting everything together with our organic skincare business was also our number 1 priority this year. This has been a success and a wonderful experience. So, what's next for ZMP?

We have many things coming up through the end of this year and all through next year.

ZMP will be celebrating ten years online next month in December. We are super excited about this and very grateful to everyone who supports our business.

Queen Voice will be popping up on social media before the end of this year. You can also catch her now on YouTube as a motivational speaker. Within one month, she hit over 8,000 Subscribers, so join in on the motivation and fun to get to know more about her. Queen is also in the process of starting a Podcast with her husband as her co-host.

Stay tuned for more details on that soon.

Starting today, our theme for the rest of this year is "Billionaire Mindset Business Quotes," When you can't find us on social media, you can find us on Google Business. We post something encouraging, challenging, and motivational often. Billionaire Mindset Business Quotes will inspire you to continue your passion and make it happen.

If you're working on making your life "the best one ever." and being a better version of yourself, these billionaire mindset business quotes will inspire you to think big, dream big, and do big things.

Have you tried our Ghost-Writing Service?

Contact us and mention that you read our blog and receive 15% off all writing services starting today until November 24th.

We have a book fair this month.

Are you looking for organic skincare products that are 100% organic and vegan cruelty and toxic-free? visit our website.

We also have sales events this month; join the "Beautiful Soul Deep Club" to participate in the upcoming events.

If you would like to book a session with Queen Voice as a motivational mentor, spiritual advisor, or motivational speaker at an event, contact her directly on her website located at




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