Zoetically Me Poetry

"Hug Bug and Ollie" (Children Book) Based on true events.
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"Queen Voice Queen of the South Organic Quotes" Knowledge is an Indispensable Tool
550 Quotes (Color and Black and White)
This book comes in 3 different book covers. 

"Queen Voice Queen of the South Organic Poems" Poetry For The Heart and Soul 
90 Poems (Color and Black and White)

This book comes in 4 different book covers.

(NEW) Published on 9/10/2019
"Workout With Queen Organic Fitness Quotes" Work It; Because You're Worth It.
This book comes in 3 different book covers.

Queen Voice Queen of the South Organic Quotes and Poems are in a class of their own, they are symbolically twisted and metaphorically gifted.

"Workout With Queen Organic Fitness Quotes" are Inspirational, Humorous, and Motivational. These quotes will give you the energy you need to work out and turn it into a lifestyle.


Words have power, and these organic books are delicious and written with no sugar-coated added on powder.

Enjoy 550 Organic Quotes that will leave your mind afloat.

Enjoy 90 Organic Poems that are little story books and once you start reading will have you hooked.

Enjoy 200 Organic Fitness Quotes that will inspire you to work out, stay focus, give you tips on nutrition, and humor you along the way.

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"Hug Bug and Ollie", is a children's book.
(Based on True Events)

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- Queen Voice Zoetically Me Poetry

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